Third Party Management

Agency Banking

We define Agency Banking as the delivery of financial services outside conventional Bank branches, often using agents and relying on information and communications technologies to transmit transaction details – typically card-reading point-of-sale (POS) terminals or mobile phones.

FASYL believes that this has the potential to radically reduce your cost of delivery and increase convenience of your current and future customers. Consequently, Agency Banking can increase poor people’s access to your Banking services through the use of a wide range of agents outside your Bank branches, thereby increasing the number of service points as outlined in the picture below.

FASYL has not only the technology solution to support the above but has also developed a Business Model with its partners to roll out such this strategy for your Bank.

This model covers

  • Compliance to applicable regulatory frameworks,
  • Customer Transaction Initiation
  • Integration to Telecoms with the ability to handle mobile payment products
  • Payment enquiry like bill presentment
  • Agent assisted transaction for bill payment to utilities, taxes etc.
  • Loading and unloading of mobile money
  • Admin Services and the associated E2E operational processes including managed services , compliance and associated security
  • Agent Management
  • Commissions, Pricing, Promotions, Loyalty and Redemptions
  • Fund management
  • Real-time monitoring with over 200 dashboards
  • Treasury, Accounting, Reporting
  • Interface to other Banks, Merchants & Corporate(s) to manage & view.