Enterprise Resource Management & Enterprise Operation Intelligence

FASYL’s Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) is viewed as a differentiator, particularly in influencing decision-makers on complex prospects. FASYL’s EOI enables organizations to map, monitor and manage business strategy & processes coherently across multiple divisions, sites and a fragmented IT landscape, combining enterprise architecture, BI and BPM functionality.

EOI therefore enables customers to generate business value from the transactional data in Applications, by making informed decisions in the context of their corporate performance objectives. In addition, EOI sits on top of all transactional systems in an organization, providing a single point of truth and managing the master data set of a business.

In summary, our Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) offers you our customers a number of benefits such as

  • Delivering visual insight into the enterprise performance
  • Enabling better decision-making by giving a full 360 degrees, enterprise-wide, top down perspective of processes and performance aligned with the business strategy
  • Connecting your strategy to its operational implementation (and back again)
  • Combining business intelligence (BI), operational intelligence (OI), intelligent business operations (IBO) and intelligent business process management suites.
  • Supporting multi-organization, multi-company and multi-system land against your business goals, providing role-based cockpits to monitor real-time performance.
  • Shortening time to value – faster than traditional bottom-up BI solutions.

Ultimately, FASYL’s EOI enables businesses to make better decisions, faster by assessing real-time business performance in the context of how it affects key business processes and goals.