Enterprise Content & Contract Management

Business Process Management

FASYL’s Business Process Management (BPM) is a platform for banks to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. Our BPM tool allows you to manage complete range of business processes, leveraging its advanced tools for content integration, process orchestration, predictive and on demand analytics, enterprise mobility and social collaboration.

The Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) capabilities of our BPM tool allows banks to re-engineer their business processes, and drive agility in their businesses. The case management framework built on our BPM tool empowers workers to efficiently manage dynamic and unanticipated tasks

The benefits include:

  • Leverage Business Moments – Empower resources with contextual insights and operational flexibility
  • Become Customer Centric – Create 360-degree view of customers information to deliver the best-in-class experience
  • Drive Change – Pre-empt market dynamics and bring transformational agility in your operations
  • Smart Process Execution – The BPM Workflow engine lies at the core of the platform and orchestrates all structured and ad-hoc processes
  • Monitoring and Analytics – Our BPM expands the scope of process analytics by encompassing active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Document Management

Banks typically handle a lot of client’s documentation and images such as application forms, client’s personal data such as proof of address, identification documents, financial statements, wealth management documents, loan agreements and other correspondences. Majority of this information is handled manually and in hard copy’s. This as a result requires moving of documentation between branches or to the main office manually and copying documents multiple times at multiple locations. This as a result increases the bank’s cost on duplication, storage and access.

Banks of all sizes often struggle with real-time access to client documentation when operating many branch locations and departments. Our Document Management Solution can help your organization provide high quality customer services while lowering your operation expenses by enabling authorized users to access client support materials instantly regardless of department or location.

Our Document Management Solution allows you to:

  • Integrate existing business applications at a click of a button automating filing, search and retrieval.
  • Automate document workflow automation
  • Simplify access to documents by providing secure access to information anytime and anywhere.
  • Provide authorized users with access to eliminate duplication of documents.
  • Eliminate storage and courier costs.
  • Reduce risk and document exposure.

Contract Management

As we know the Financial industry in not like other industries. For Banks, their main product is money as a result that product is evidenced by contracts. Our Contract Management solution is a drive to remove paper and automate all office processes. Combining skills, software and consulting we can help you reduce risk and improve productivity through contract management.

Our Contract Management Solution offers a simple, powerful, and secure solution, customizable to your needs.

Some of our Contract Management Solution features:

  • Customize Reporting – With the ability to set custom fields this allows you to create detailed reports specific to your required criteria.
  • Central Repository – A secure, centralized contract repository allows you to securely store and quickly access all contracts and supporting documents.
  • Upload & Download Data in Seconds – We offer a simple drag and drop functionality, allowing you to start implementing the system immediately and making ongoing uploads quick.
  • Control Access to Documents – Allows you to set permission-based user roles so you can control who has access to which documents.
  • Automatic Notifications – Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals to proactively manage contract milestones