Digital Platform

From our perspective Omni-Channel is much more than just providing multiple ways for customers in a Bank to transact. It is about a seamless and consistent interaction between customers and their Bank across multiple channels. While Multi-channel is focused on transactions, Omni-channel focuses on interactions as outlined below.

FASYL believes that Omni-Channel strategy shouldn’t be treated like a bolt-on capability. Rather it should enable new ways of thinking that go beyond typical organization boundaries. It should enable Banks to break down the walls between functions, abandon their product-centric business models, and change their assumptions about how channels work. We encourage them to go beyond a consultative approach to business and to adopt a test-and-learn approach to stay ahead of the competition.


FASYLs approach is to encourage Banks to take steps to rethink and reorganize across all of these areas:

  • Customer experience
  • Product
  • Marketing and sales
  • Technology and analytics
  • Channels

The benefits of Omni-Channel banking range from less operational complexity, happier employees, positive impact on risk,regulatory, and compliance functions, and most of all, stronger customer engagement.

To this effect, FASYL has developed its own OmniEDGE a mature Omni-Channel e-Banking solution that is completely independent in its own right whilst being scalable, flexible and adaptable to support Retail and Corporate Banking customers’ needs through any channels of communication. OmniEDGE can accommodate all channels including, e-Banking, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment services to any customer’s segment through one central system. Additionally, this universal solution can be applied in any language or currency and is adaptable to any country norms, laws and regulations.

It offers personalized banking services to every consumer type and segmentation, with comprehensive corporate functionality and administration tools to allow corporate users to manage their business processes and workflows within the organization without the need to check every process with the bank.

The OmniEDGE Omni-Channel e-Banking Solution includes the following modules:

  • OmniEDGE e-Banking Platform (Core System),
  • OmniEDGE Security Module
  • OmniEDGE Administration Module
  • OmniEDGE WEB Banking Module,
  • OmniEDGE Kiosk Banking,
  • OmniEDGE Facebook Banking,
  • OmniEDGE Authentication Suite (Using SMS TAN, OTP Mobile app and H/W Token OTP) ,
  • OmniEDGE Mobile Banking,
  • OmniEDGE Mobile Financial Services (MFS),
  • OmniEDGE SMS Banking,
  • OmniEDGE Alerts and Notifications,
  • OmniEDGE Agent Banking,
  • OmniEDGE ATM Banking