Customer On-Boarding

Customer on-boarding should be a major focal point for Banks that are grappling with evolving market dynamics, stiff competition, regulatory scrutiny and operational overheads. The FASYL solution in this space offers Banks an opportunity to design and automate all your origination and self-service dialogs across multiple channels, all directly integrated with their internal systems with straight through processing. One can Leverage powerful dynamic case management capabilities that brings together the people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire lifecycle of a case while still complying to regulatory trends and requirements.

The key features of the FASYL Client On –Boarding solution entails

  • Data capture from various data sources using a mobile device – Passport, Smart Card barcode/ QR code, Passport, NID etc.
  • Multiple data, document capture – Demographics, Photograph, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Signature, Proof of Address, Proof of Identity
  • Real time Customer Verification – Data Look Up, Validation
  • Data Upload to central system
  • Case Management – Customer Verification & Validation
  • Real time alerts & notifications to customer and business stakeholders
  • Integration with external & internal business systems
  • Provision for extensive Reporting and Audit trail