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Because we are a world class organization driven by a passion to deliver value for our clients, and ensure that they succeed in their chosen markets and operating environments, we pay detailed attention to the needs of our clients and carefully examine their business operations and operating market dynamics to deliver best-in-class tailored solutions.

Some of our offerings are as shown below

Core Banking Implementation

To be competitive in the present day market, it is important for a bank to have the enablement to quickly rollout new products and services, provides diverse option for the to the customer in terms of delivery touchpoint, posses the capability to measure key business performance indicator and most especially provide a secure and unified platform for customer engagement and transaction processing. Having implemented core banking solutions across more than 50 banks in sub Sahara Africa, FASYL is geared to help banks achieve a fast, affordable core banking implementation that meets all delivery targets. We have over the year developed a proven methodology that has allowed us delivered a fit for purpose, value for money core banking system within a record time.

Oracle Enterprise Solutions Implementation

Oracle provides a very large bouque of enterprise solution for organizations to leverage in their quest to thrive and remain competitive. Oracle applications have influenced the core structure of businesses around the world, providing a streamlined and highly efficient business process for almost any business model. FASYL have capable and confident professionals that are adept at carefully designing, building, testing, deploying and maintaining your system while adopting Oracle AIM methodology adjusted to your organization specifics. Additionally our Center of Excellence offers extensive expertise in system and process optimization, performance tuning and Oracle best practices.

Enterprise Service Bus Integration(ESB)

Large enterprises have increased in complexity over time, often resulting in inflexible and fragile systems. Legacy applications further complicate the situation, making system interconnectivity across your company difficult. To retain business agility in a world of mobile, API, and SaaS, enterprise integration is crucial. Enterprise integration boosts productivity and enables better decision making by offering accurate information when you need it. FASYL possess team of professionals with expertise in enterprise integration, be it point to point or enterprise service bus.

Business Consulting

We partner with you to learn as much about your business as we can. Through assessment and measurement of the enterprise, we identify opportunities for enhanced business and IT performance. Then we design, implement and manage a range of customised improvements that form the strategic foundation towards unlocking measurable value, reducing business and ICT complexity and therefore, transform your business.

Our Approach

Our initial approach involves short interactive sessions, combining thought provoking presentations with lively and often personal discussions on leadership, management, strategy change, technology and well-timed business interventions.

Our Knowledge Clinic is designed to be challenging and innovative. We draw on our global experience to bring new insights on how you might develop yourself, your team and your organisation.

Our Transformation Experience is custom designed to support management, project and task teams to develop consensus, solve problems, manage change, transform businesses, compete effectively, re-position their organizations, infuse new positive energy into the work environment and turn organizational core values into the key drivers of the systems wheel.

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